Self-Improvement & Self-Mastery in 2021: Providing a Positive Place for Children to Grow

Safeguard Martial Arts Inc. is excited to be heading into a new year with you, providing a positive place for better health – both mentally and physically.

Honored to receive the Small Business of th4e Year award in 2016, we are committed to helping our students maintain their health and improve their fitness levels, while also providing them with a valuable skillset.

We want to continue to support our readers in their 2021 health goals, assisting in both their physical self-improvement and mental self-mastery. Whether choosing martial arts for your child, teen or yourself – we will help lead you to success!

Going Beyond Fitness: The Art of Instilling a Positive Work Ethic

Serving the Langley community for the last 25 years with passion, integrity and dedication to our art has always been our primary goal. Add to that our focus in helping students train their minds and bodies, while giving them a safe and welcoming place to grow, plus the ability to protect themselves if ever the situation calls for it.

We are educators, specializing in teaching important physical and life skills through our interactive programming. We are pleased to offer age-specific structured classes for the development and advancement of all age groups.

It takes true diligence, a strong work ethic and strength of character to advance in martial arts – and we’re here to help promote that! Whether helping your child find their inner confidence through self-empowerment, assisting an unfocused child who needs structure and self-discipline, guiding the ‘wild child’ who needs a positive outlet to channel their energy into, or providing a safe space for the bully or the bullied ~ both who need an advanced level of understanding and guidance to help them develop in a positive way ~ we are here to help  our students develop a level of success that is beneficial to their personal needs. 

A professional martial arts school seeks to help students gain self-discipline through critique and positive encouragement, while helping them build confidence and perseverance. This type of training offers a lifelong skill that will set a student apart, creating self-mastery – all while getting fit too!

Why Choosing the Long Road to Success Matters

As a professional martial arts school in Langley, we have an established curriculum that is designed for long-term development. We believe that this type of structure will help promote our student’s success in all areas of their lives – at school, at home and in the workplace.

The basics of martial arts are the building blocks to long-term success, creating imperative foundational skills that become second nature. Our steady approach delves into the heart of this professional art, leading to ultimate success – both in body and in mind.

Here at Safeguard, we emphasize helping each of our students become the best they can be. We do not choose to enter tournaments or competitions, instead focusing on a winning mindset, rather than a ribbon of achievement. This promotes lifelong learning instead of short-term ‘wins’.

The Gift Martial Arts Classes – Yes or No?

As we approach a new year, many people are still considering the best Christmas gift to buy their loved one. Why not consider a martial arts gift certificate from Safeguard Martial Arts?

Whether you have a child who could benefit from a positive environment where he or she can expend their energy while learning a great skill; or you or your partner are interested in getting fit for 2021 – martial arts classes provide a fun, skill-based environment to release energy, alleviate stress, get in shape, AND learn a life skill worth investing in!

We wish you peace and joy this holiday season and look forward to meeting you soon!

Feel free to visit us at Unit 101 – 20530 Langley Bypass, Langley

Phone: 604-532-0090 or Email:

*Please Note: We are unable to provide programming at this time for students under the age of 5 or those aged 19 and older by order of the PHO of BC. We will update this as orders are rescinded.