Safeguard Martial Arts – Safety Suggestions for Halloween 

Safeguard Martial Arts – Safety Suggestions for Halloween 

Oct 26, 2022 | Uncategorized

At Safeguard Martial Arts, safety is a big priority to us. And with Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to present some ways in which you can help to keep your kids – and your community, safe. 

Safety Suggestions for Halloween

There are a variety of activities and preparations that go into Halloween, and we want to address both, but when in doubt, always err on the side of caution and let common sense be your guide.

Trick or Treat Safety for Halloween 

  1. and beware of vehicles backing out of driveways. 
  2. ear buds – stay alert and able to hear what’s going on around you

Costume Safety for Halloween

  1. often hard to see if they are dark in color.  Add reflective tape on goody bags and clothing so you are visible to drivers. 

Driving Safety for Halloween

  1. Their excitement may affect their caution! 

Please remember your furry friends and keep your pets safely indoors and away from trick or treaters and fireworks. This is a difficult and confusing night for them, and if they escape when the door opens they may be traumatized and difficult to retrieve.

Before you take part in Halloween celebrations and activities this year, check with your local public health authority for COVID-19 safety advice.

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Anyone Have a Birthday Coming Up?

We are delighted to offer JUNIOR parties for 6 to 12 years. Our modern, clean, bright facility has fully padded safety floors and a full range of safety equipment to ensure comfort and peace of mind. We also have a viewing area where parents and guests are welcome to sit and watch the fun in comfort, then walk away from the mess!

Speaking of safety and fun; be sure to check out our post …The Benefits of Our Boxing & Kickboxing Classes in Langley to learn how you can take part in a martial arts activity that is both fun – and safety conscious!

Curious to know more about our programs or our parties? Contact Sensei Tina or Sensei Troy by calling 604-532-0090 or emailing

We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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