The Dynamics of Our Belt System at Safeguard Martial Arts in Langley

The Dynamics of Our Belt System at Safeguard Martial Arts in Langley

Jul 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

At Safeguard Martial Arts in Langley – we often get the question “how long will it take to receive my black belt?”.

However, we have a certain belief system surrounding our belt achievements. Although we recognize the significance of it overall; this is not where our focus lies at Safeguard, and we are very upfront regarding this with students and parents alike.

The History of the Karate Belt System

Did you know there use to only be ONE belt in karate? As mentioned in our previous blog post

‘Originally, there was only one belt in karate, and it was white. As the practitioner honed his or her skills over the course of many years, the white belt became darker with age, use, and experience, until it became blackened. The darker the belt, the greater skill it represented. Coloured belts only became popular as karate moved from the old ways into the new age. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, was the first to represent colours beginning with white, and graduating through darkening hues to black. It was a visual aid to help students recognize their own proficiency.’

Safeguard Martial Arts in Langley

Our Langley martial arts school is here to teach an art form. And, as with any talent – these things take time.

We seek to instill a variety of life-affirming qualities into our students as they journey from belt to belt. But – as mentioned, our focus is not on the belts themselves. Rather, we focus on positive life skills such as:

  • Learning a level of self-protection
  • Enhancing self-discipline
  • Increasing confidence
  • Developing focus
  • Improving strength and fitness

The Dynamics of Our Belt System

When passing through our belt system, we look for a variety of accomplishments, which include…

  • Time invested
  • Energy output (physically and emotionally – such as resilience)
  • Dedication to the art-form

For some, it can take a decade or more to earn their black belt. But within that time-frame, they will also acquire many positive attributes that they can carry with them into their daily lives – and we truly enjoy watching that journey unfold and being a part of it!

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