Make Fitness Goals Fun & Improve Mental Health With Martial Arts!

Make Fitness Goals Fun & Improve Mental Health With Martial Arts!

Jan 25, 2023 | Uncategorized

Have you earmarked 2023 with fitness goals that you are already recognizing as difficult to maintain? Safeguard would love to invite you to revamp those with a side of fun, and also improve mental health with a variety of martial arts classes we offer!

Making New Years’ Fitness Goals Fun

We believe that fitness goals should be fun. Because, without enjoyment, any skill once chooses to embark on is likely going to have a short lifespan.

Which is where our Kickboxing Class in Langley, comes in to take your fitness training to a new (and fun) level!

As mentioned on our kickboxing page

…our kickboxing program teaches essential skills to become healthier, more fit and stronger. Our approach applies teaching techniques to enhance a greater sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, and to develop more focus, self-discipline and self-control. 

Kick your physical health into high-gear and uncover the joy of getting fit!

Need additional ideas to help you stay focused? does an excellent job extending ideas on ‘How to Achieve Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution’ – with suggestions such as:

·      Focus on Daily Habits Rather Than End Results

·      Write Out Your Goal & Place It Somewhere You’ll See Every Day

·      Be Realistic & Start Small

·      Find an Accountability Buddy or Join a Group

·      Reward Your Small Accomplishments

Improve Mental Health With Martial Arts

We recognize that the first couple of months of the year can be difficult for many. From the end of a festive holiday season with a lot of friends and family and free time; to poor weather, busy work schedules and possibly even the reality of social seclusion. Finding ways to naturally kick in some healthy hormones can help combat these real-world realities, and exercise is an excellent way to release endorphins and resurface from seasonal depression.

Our Karate Class in Langley will help you jump start such endorphins. Aiding both in physical fitness, as well as a life skill for anyone 13 and over.

At Safeguard, we understand the complicated choices you face in selecting a school that may suit your needs. There are many styles of martial arts to choose from, and many philosophies to consider. It is important to do some research to figure out exactly what type of program you are looking for, and what your ultimate goals for seeking instruction are.

Ready to revamp your fitness goals and begin to improve mental health too? Call us at 604-532-0090 to arrange a visit to see us at #101 – 20530 on the Langley Bypass in Langley, or email: to learn more!

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