Teens & Adult Karate 13+

13 Years Old and Above

Finding the perfect martial arts school can be more challenging than it initially seems. I am often asked the question:
“Which is the best martial art?”
And my answer is simply: “The one that is right for YOU!”

At Safeguard, we understand the complicated choices you face in selecting a school that may suit your needs. There are many styles of martial arts to choose from, and many philosophies to consider. It is important to do some research to figure out exactly what type of program you are looking for, and what your ultimate goals for seeking instruction are. Would you prefer a traditional art that focuses on personal development, and in-depth concepts that open the door to greater understanding and technical skill? Or do you just want a  school and style that gives you the quickest Black Belt? If it is the latter….we are NOT the school for you!

Below are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

What is your primary reason for exploring the idea of martial arts?
To gain greater confidence and self-esteem?
To develop more focus, self-discipline and self-control?
To lose weight and gain muscle?
To become stronger, fitter and healthier?
To learn and understand self defense?
To release stress?
To make new friends in a welcoming, non-competitive environment?
To try something new?

If you said YES to the questions above, then we may well be the school you are looking for!

Here at Safeguard, we are a non-competitive school, studying Shotokan – a traditional style of karate-do. Shotokan is perhaps the most widely known of the karate styles, and is regarded as an influential and dynamic martial art, as it develops aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, powerful and fast techniques, and strong defensive skills.

If you like the idea of learning a martial art that is rich in history and tradition that not only strengthens the body, but sharpens the mind, then this style is perfect for you. Training Shotokan will give you an excellent full body workout for any level of fitness, help you develop greater strength and flexibility, coordination, balance, and muscle control.

Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a fully padded safety floor, the most modern training equipment, and fun, relaxed, informative classes in which each student can maximize their own potential under the guidance and teaching of fully qualified professional Black Belt instructors. You will become more confident and self-assured as you develop your skills through our belt system.

In order to develop at an optimum level, a minimum of twice a week class attendance is required.


We welcome you to try out our 2 week, 4-class Introductory Program without obligation, to see if we are a good “fit” for you. The cost of the trial is just $29.99, and we’ll throw in a uniform at no cost to you!