Junior 5 – 7

5 – 7 Years Old

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In fact it takes a very special and unique village to help raise a very special, unique and well balanced child. In early days, the example set by a parent becomes the cornerstone for their child’s development and behavior. As children grow and become more independent, we need to surround them with people who mirror our family values, and who are invested in our child’s success, through activities that are designed to teach them important life skills, and help them reach their full potential.

At Safeguard, we are not simply Martial Arts Instructors…WE ARE EDUCATORS!

  • Does your child have the ability and confidence to meet new challenges?
  • Do they have the courage to stand up for themselves or others in a bullying situation?
  • Does he or she have the ability to focus in school, or under pressure?
  • Do they have the strength to resist negative peer pressure, or are they easily led?
  • Is your child maximizing his or her potential?

The programs at Safeguard go far beyond teaching children how to block, punch and kick.

  • We teach important life skills – the mental and emotional tools that enable your child to achieve their highest potential, encouraging them to become completely capable, confident and successful.
  • We teach children to stand up for themselves, their peers and their truths, through our interactive Bully Buster Program.
  • We teach caution, common sense, and the simplicity of making good choices through our age-appropriate Anti- Abduction Program.
  • We teach respect, by giving respect in return.
  • We teach skill by breaking techniques down into smaller components, then building them in a way that allows the child to understand how each component works.
  • We teach discipline, by mirroring disciplined behavior, presenting ourselves as exceptional role models they can look up to, and by enforcing a no-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior.
  • We increase confidence and self esteem by teaching skill development, and by recognizing and appreciating each child’s personal efforts through praise and the earning of promotions.
  • We increase focus by timing our classes to work with a child’s attention span, evolving it over time to increase that ability over a greater time span.
  • We teach work ethic by making classes fun and entertaining, so they will want to participate and be motivated to work harder to achieve ultimate success.

How does martial arts work?

It is well documented that martial arts training instills focus and discipline in children. Stories abound of formerly underachieving students and “problem kids” suddenly transforming with good marks and dramatically improved behavior. We have spent the last 3 decades developing and perfecting our teaching and leadership programs, so that we can help your child succeed. Our non-competitive environment takes away the pressure of a child feeling insecure and under-confident amongst their peers. We respect each student’s individuality, and help them develop their fullest potential at their own pace, by empowering them and encouraging their individualism.

Does this sound like something your child would benefit from?

If so, we would love to hear from you!

We offer 2 separate Junior Program age groups:
5 to 7 years, and 8 to 12 years.

This encourages age-appropriate learning and accelerated development for each age division.

See Beginner Schedule for class times!

We welcome you to try out our 2 week, 4-class Introductory Program without obligation, to see if we are a good “fit” for you. The trial gives you, as the parent, an opportunity to observe classes, and get a general feeling of comfort for both the environment and class structure. It gives your child an opportunity to take part in regular classes to see if they like it. And from our perspective, we need to assess a student’s readiness for the program. Each student must commit to attending two classes a week for optimal learning. At the end of the trial, we arrange a personal interview to give you feedback from our chief instructor as to how your child is integrating into the class structure.

The cost of the trial is just $29.99 (plus tax) and we’ll even give you a free uniform!

**Note: We reserve the unconditional right to refuse registration to any potential student (or parent) who is overly aggressive, or displays behaviour or attitudes that conflict with the values of our school.