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Actually, all martial arts styles can be very effective. Some styles require a very high level of athleticism and flexibility to master. Others are very prone to injury because of the lack of control until very senior levels. At Safeguard™ Martial Art, we teach the Japanese style known as Shotokan. Shotokan is one of the most popular styles around the world and well known for developing strong stances and explosive technique. But no one style is effective for everyone. We also introduce our students to techniques from other styles including judo, jujitsu, aikido and grappling to name a few. This ensures each student can draw on technique that complements their particular limitations and abilities. Finally, martial arts training is only as effective as the quality of the instruction. Having a black belt does not mean you can teach. Instruction must be flexible to deal with the different ways each of us learn. It must employ the latest physical education knowledge. Too many instructors teach the same thing decade after decade . . . because that’s the way they were taught! At Safeguard™ Martial Arts our instructors go through an intensive training program which includes both a physical and academic curriculum focusing on sound instructional technique, lesson planning, age specific orientation and student safety.

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