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N. Manning

“Sensei Troy has an amazing gift for teaching children! He makes the lessons fun and very entertaining. I love watching every class!”

V. Hilal

“One of the best decisions we ever made was signing our son into the junior karate program at Safeguard Martial Arts, after suffering bullying at school. He is so passionate about karate, and his confidence and self-esteem have grown so much from the program. This has been, and continues to be, an amazing experience for the whole family.”

T. Mooney

“Safeguard offers martial arts training in a respectful, encouraging and welcoming environment. The owners and team of instructors bring a love of teaching, enthusiasm, and knowledge to their programs, which gives the students so much more than martial arts training. Both my children are growing up in this school, loving their karate, and developing excellent character and life skills, which will stay with them throughout their lives. It is our home away from home!”

S. Bailey

“Our grandson has been a Safeguard student for several years. The positive and disciplined learning experience coupled with a focus on personal growth and development, gave him the skills to achieve his Black Belt in December of 2014 and we couldn’t be more proud! The expertise and professionalism of Sensei Troy and Sensei Tina is both respected and appreciated.”

R. Pettie

“Parenting is really hard. There are important areas that I quickly discovered I wasn’t very good at. When I noticed it, I would look for help. Sometimes, by God’s grace, (and I really mean that) help would come before I started looking for it. Sensei Tina and Sensei Troy have been a part of our family’s life for over ten years now. They have taught my children discipline, responsibility, consistency (I struggle with this one), kindness, patience, respect, and many other character qualities. I have an immense amount of gratitude for these two people and I am so thankful my kids have them for mentors. If you are in the Langley area and are considering putting your child into a sport or activity I would highly recommend Safeguard Martial Arts. As much as I love what karate has taught my kids, it’s really the instructors who have made it what it is. It is very obvious that training kids to be their best is their passion.”

S. Pettie

“There’s not much else that I can add to what Rachel has already said. I guess what I would say is I desire my children to have a strong work ethic and to live in this world with a passion for excellence. I’m thankful Tina and Troy for your commitment and sacrifice to make a positive difference in the lives of children that come to Safeguard Martial Arts … pushing students towards these goals as well as many others. Please accept a very heartfelt thank you from the Pettie family. Wish you both nothing but success!”

R. Monroe

“Tina and Troy were a blessing to me when I enrolled my son at Safeguard. They have helped us through struggles that took us by surprise. They truly are a godsend. I would never even consider any other dojo other than Safeguard. They have way more to offer a family than martial arts itself. I will be forever grateful for all their help.”

B.G. Danton

“Our 8 year old grandson has attended the safeguard martial arts classes for almost 3 years. Along with learning the martial art skills, the discipline and life skills has made him motivated in his school work, better interaction with his peers, and given him a foundation and confidence in himself that is solid as he progresses through the program. Sensei Tina and her staff stress learning can be fun and this is their top priority. The children are never told they made a mistake but rather point out the positives in each and every thing they do throughout the lesson. They are happy while learning, in an environment that stresses both fun and interaction with the instructors. A friendly staff with expert knowledge, I feel this is the best program for our by grandson.”

H. Edwards

“When our now 7-year-old daughter was 3, we knew we wanted to get her into a karate class because she is a feisty yet physically tiny little thing. We researched far and wide before we came across Safeguard. Sensei Tina instantly won us over with her caring, upfront, honest attitude. The entire dojo was full of parents who created this community of tenderness and camaraderie. It wasn’t a hard decision to enroll her. One of the easiest parenting decisions made yet! Our girl has gone from a Tiger Tot to now being in the junior program. Every achievement is celebrated by the dojo, every step forward is a goal reached and earned. We are excited to see her continue onto getting her black belt, and we cannot wait to enroll our youngest when she turns 3! Safeguard is our warm home away from home.”

D. Armstrong

“Our son Diego has attended Safeguard Martial Arts since he was five years old, and has come to think of the dojo as his second home, and Tina and Troy Parker as family. We are proud to say, that under their tutelage he achieved the level of Shodan (black belt) in December of 2014, at the age of 11. He is growing-up to be a confident, well-mannered, respectful young man, in no small part due to the training and discipline he has received at Safeguard.

This past summer, we had the opportunity to take a family trip to Japan. Diego had the unforgettable opportunity to participate in a black belt class there under Sensei Kanezawa, a 6th Degree Black Belt, whose father studied under Gichin Funakoshi – the “father” of modern day karate. We were proud to note that Diego had no trouble in “keeping up” with such a high-level class both physically and technically – even though it was presented entirely in Japanese. We experienced firsthand that Safeguard’s program and technical training is easily comparable to top-level instruction one would think only existed in Japan.”

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